Nah Trang

Five star resorts for the rich and famous, and plenty of cheapies for the rest of us. Nah Trang was not the day light robbery that I had expected. I also didn’t expect to say that the development has been tastefully done. The hotels are all away from the beach and built not to the exclusion of local life. All in all it’s quite nice in Nah Trang.

You come to Nah Trang for the beach and it’s a good beach. Clean and sandy it fulfilled my criteria. The warm waters with no jellyfish in sight capped it all off. In the distance several islands and mountain peeks create a rather dramatic view to look at when peering up from my book. Low season I guess helped with the peace and quiet as there were less hawkers. In the evening there was a good variety of bars on offer, which made for an enjoyable few beers.

As much as I enjoyed it I only stayed for one night. I’ve realised that my longetivity at a beach is very much dependant on accommodation i.e. beach huts! It’s never quite the same waking up in the morning and having to cross several roads before reaching the beach. I’m a purist. I want to open my door, walk down three steps maximum before putting my feet on the sand. I guess I’ll probably be waiting for Indonesia for a chance of that happening again!


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