I was thinking about the shortness of some of my posts on Vietnam. So far it is up there with Laos as my favourite place in South East Asia and yet I’ve not written to the length of other places. I can think of a number of reasons for it but eventually settled on the… Read More Hue

Hoi An

Nobody dislikes Hoi An, so it was with slight trepidation that I got off the bus and booked myself into a three night stay. I’ve not had the best record of going to places which everyone loves. Hoi An was an international trading port dating back to the seventeenth century. A World Heritage Site, it’s… Read More Hoi An


“You’ve here for how long?” I asked surprised. “Ten days. I’m leaving in a couple of days.” replied the Swiss national. Why had he been in Dalat so long? Well it’s too hot at sea level so he had decided that he would make his home one thousand five hundred meters up instead. This is… Read More Dalat