IP1010654 only stayed for one day so I won’t write much however despite the short stay I was impressed. It’s like a mini-Hampi. There are boulders and anchient temples dating back to the seventh century. But unlike in Hampi it’s harder to lose yourself in the landscape. Main roads loop around groupings of temples and they are confined within a much smaller area. But that said it doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of what is quite a spectacular open aired museum.

P1010598Mamallapuram and the one day I spent there made for a brilliant end to my time in India. It’s a very relaxing and chilled small town with a good backpackers set-up. Outside of the ruins it also has a beach thrown into the mix. Although anyone thinking of spending any sort of time on it must be mad as it resembled a rubbish dump more than a beach. Despite this though hoardes of Indians were enjoying the beach and the waves which came crashing in. It made for an incredibly stressful time for the lifeguards as according to the sign over thirteen people die there every year.

And that was it. My time in india had come to an end. Four months have vanished in shockignly quick time. I’ve had a superb time, seen some breathtaking sights and met so many fantastic people. Sometimes challenging, it’s always an adventure, India offers up something for everyone. Next Sri Lanka. I can’t wait.


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